PACISA (Performing Arts Community in South Africa) was established in 2019 where we give performers the opportunity to come and showcase their talents in singing, acting, dancing and instrumental performances. PACISA’s objective is to discover new talent in South Africa and to help them with the correct tools and opportunities for a potential career as a performing artist in South Africa.

We have been working in the industry for more than 20 years and every year we see how talented people in South Africa just give up hope of becoming a professional performer because they cannot break into the industry and sustain a career. Most platforms available to these artists do not give them the correct knowledge, tools and opportunities.

It is so sad to see these young and up-coming artists struggling to get that one big break and not having the correct platform to assist them in making their dreams a reality. That is why it is our passion to help them make this a reality. Our competition’s prizes are not just cash prizes but we also have bursaries, mentorship, show reels, music videos, recordings and connections in the industry that will enable them to have the correct end-product to create and sustain a healthy career in the performing arts industry. PACISA will definitely make a difference in all our contestants’ lives.

PACISA consists of 2 rounds – a regional round and a national round.

All contestants need to enter 2 items in different genres for the regionals. Our Regional round will be online submissions. Feedback from the judges will be provided to all contestants after the Regional Round.

The national round will be held in Gauteng at Midstream Ridge Primary School. Olifantsfontein 27 September 2021 – 2 October 2021